info for parents of children


God's son Jesus Christ is the focus of our teaching. We show an example of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Relevant Bible Teaching

Children need to know that God is real and the Bible is real. The Bible is filled with wisdom to help them understand life. God's message is unchanging--the same today, tomorrow, and forever.


Children will enjoy Bible teaching. We will make each lesson age appropriate and interactive. We will sing the kind of songs that children want to sing. We will teach lessons that children will understand. We will be a place that children want to be and invite their friends. 

A Safe Place

The security and safety of your precious loved one is top priority. Safety includes physical safety, emotional safety, and spiritual safety. We conduct background screening and ongoing evaluation of our processes and facilities. 

info for parents of students

Reaching Students 

We reach students by going where they are.

Connecting Families 

We have a desire to connect with you, the family, and together partner to help your students grow spiritually

Grow Spiritually 

Students will grow in their faith as they connect to the ministry. Please encourage your students to attend weekly gatherings and special events that we design to get students to discover God.

Discover God 

The most important part of our ministry is helping students discover God. We do that by teaching the Bible for life change.

Glorify Him 

Once it all "clicks" we will see a change in the way the students think and live. As Christians we are called to glorify Him with our lives.