Schedule for Sundays

Georgetown has Dual Worship Services on Sundays.  That means there are two worship services, one that starts at 9:00 AM and another that starts at 10:30 AM.

You can go to either service, depending on which Bible Study class you would like to attend.  Lists of the classes and the times for each are below. 

Children's Services during the worship service are during the 10:30 AM service. This is for ages Birth through 3rd grade. 

9:00 AM Bible Study Classes

Children (Birth - 6th)

Youth (7th - 12th)


20 Somethings


Young Adults

These classes above start at 9:00 AM.  Then you will go to the 10:30 AM worship service. 

10:30 AM Bible Study Classes




Open Nesters

Senior Adults

These classes start at 10:30 AM, and you would go to the 9:00 AM worship service if you choose to attend any of these classes.

Click here for more info on the Sunday School classes.