Pastor Search Committee Updates

August 22, 2021

Your Pastor Search Committee (PSC) asked, and you responded. The results of the recent Pastoral Profile Congregational Survey have been collected and tallied. Please recall the two (2) part survey listed twelve (12) activities and invited our church congregation to indicate which five (5) should receive the most of his time and conversely which two (2) should receive the least amount of his time.

With respect to the activities which should receive most of his time, 80% of respondents suggested that Personal Bible Study & Prayer and Sermon Preparation were the top two (2) from the list. These two aspects of his attention were followed by 73% of those responding believing Counseling & Advising was the next most important. Additionally, 65% of the survey participants indicated that spending time with his family was essential. And lastly, the survey reflected that 45% of you felt that Visiting Prospective Members was important closely followed by 40% that indicated Visiting Church Members was also key.

The survey results clearly indicated that the two (2) activities which should command the least amount of our next Senior Pastor’s time were Civic Affairs coming in at a 78% ranking and Administration & Office Work at 50% followed by Denominational Service & Attendance with a 40% indication rate. The overwhelming majority or 88% of those providing responses to the survey revealed that they were church members. The PSC would like to express its appreciation to all who responded including the 12% of those potential members who provided feedback. 

The PSC recognizes and acknowledges the significance of each and every opinion expressed in the survey. Furthermore, the comments provided in connection with the survey question “What do you feel is the most important quality our pastor should possess?” will certainly serve to furnish your PSC with insight into your personal perspective concerning the most desirable characteristics for our next Senior Pastor.

The power of prayer can never be overestimated. GOD answers prayers. Please continue to pray for the PSC as we seek HIS guidance in finding and deciding upon our next Senior Pastor for Georgetown Baptist Church.




August 10, 2021

Your Pastor Search Committee (PSC) met again as scheduled on Monday evening, August 9th. At such time, the PSC completed and finalized the “Church Profile” and the “Community Profile” documents which will accompany our invitation for submittals by candidates for consideration as our next Senior Pastor. You will recall these two documents were cited in the July PSC Update. The Church Profile answers the question “Who are we?” and the Community Profile answers the question “Who are they?” Pulpit Supply Candidates need to know the answers to these two questions when deciding whether to apply.

The third document referenced in the July update was the “Pastor Profile” which answers the question “Who is he?”. This profile describes certain qualities and characteristics that we, the congregation of GBC, desire in the next man to lead our Church Family such as “What will he be passionate about?” or “What character qualities will be of utmost importance?” or “What will his leadership style be like?”.

The PSC has elected not to finalize the Pastor Profile without first affording our members an opportunity to make known their desires. By now, you should have a Pastoral Profile Congregational Survey made available to you. If not, please pick one up in the foyer. If you have not yet submitted your survey, please complete the survey and drop it off at the Welcome Station as you exit the FLC following the conclusion of today’s service. Should you wish to submit your survey later, please see Donna Gist in the Church Office by midweek during normal business hours.

The final date to submit your survey is Wednesday, August 18th by the close of business.   

The PSC values your input and “Thanks you” for providing us with your views. Please be in prayer for your PSC as the search process continues for the man God is preparing to lead GBC in the future.

July 28, 2021

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) initially convened immediately following the Sunday morning worship service on June 27th. Each PSC member received a Pastor Search Handbook published by the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. The Handbook is intended to be a tool for reference and a guide in the search process. The PSC established the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month as a standing meeting date.

The second meeting of the PSC was held on July 12th and following the nine-step process outlined in the Handbook, the PSC established working groups for purposes completing Step 1 – “Developing a Church Profile” and Step 2 – “Developing a Community Profile”. These two profiles will be integrated into developing a “Pastor Profile” – Step 3. Additionally, the Committee reviewed the biblical requirements for Pastors as found in 2 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

The third meeting of the PSC was held on July 26th at which time the Church Profile was reviewed for accuracy and approval. Additionally, the PSC reviewed data in connection with researching community statistics. Agreement was reached in connection with styling the “Community Profile” document such that it comports with the “Church Profile.”

The next PSC meeting is scheduled for August 9th at which time the “Community Profile will be reviewed and approved. Moreover, a working group will have a first draft of a “Pastor Profile”. Watch for a brief questionnaire appearing in your Church Bulletin. This will afford our members an opportunity make known their desires in connection with Pastoral qualities.  

As always, the PSC covets your prayers, patience, and support in identifying and finding GOD’s man to serve as our next Senior Pastor.