Luke and dominee callender

Luke and Dominee Callender are missionaries in our very own U.S. of A.  They have felt the call to serve our fellow citizens in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Watch the video below for more information on their ministry.  You can also read more about them on the North American Mission Board website by clicking here

Also, read a letter from Luke to the church family below the video. 


Callender Family

update: November, 2019


  Hello Beloved Family  

Watching the seasons change this year has been really lovely.  It has felt a bit more like a gradual slide into autumn than the rollercoaster ride we’ve been accustomed to.  The trees are magnificent.  I know that’s cliché but my goodness is it true.  Photos just cannot do it justice.  I hope you’ll get the opportunity to see it sometime.  



Probably the most exciting thing about the past several weeks is that we got to enjoy visits from some of our very dear family from down South.  It is difficult to describe succinctly how meaningful these visits were for us.  We saw some amazing beaches, ate some great seafood, took a hike through the woods, walked around the toy section at Target with the boys, and talked ourselves hoarse on the couches in our living room.  Suffice it to say, they were wonderfully life-giving.  


In the time since our last update I have had the opportunities both to preach on a Sunday morning at a local church in are area and to teach in our Sunday evening gathering.  We are still very busy with renovations at our building.  These projects – which often feel like opening a mystery box – have become rather wearying at times.  These sweet opportunities to study the Word for the purpose of building up the saints were potent and blessed reminders of God’s good plan.  As our Sunday evening gatherings are continuing, these opportunities to serve will become more regular and I’m looking forward to that.  I also had the great privilege of attending a pastor’s retreat in Southern New Hampshire; just barely across the Massachusetts state line.  The natural beauty of that place (photo at the top), the focused time for rest and closeness with the Lord, and the glad fellowship of the faithful men in attendance made it an exceptional experience.

We have made steady, if slow, progress on the building.  The upstairs is probably 90% done.  But the to-do list for the building as a whole still feels like it’s a mile long and our Sunday morning launch date – Easter 2020 – feels very close.  The Lord has continually reminded us that He provided this building, He placed us according to His purpose and plan, and He is still in control.  I keep joking that I’m adding plumbing apprentice, drywall apprentice, concrete apprentice, masonry apprentice etc. to my resume.  How many of those am I any good at, you ask?  Zero.


Last month, Dom shared with you how the Lord has shown us such amazing grace and mercy through the genetics clinic at Massachusetts General.  That initial appointment produced several referrals to specialists in the surrounding area.  We are very grateful to the Lord for the pool of amazing resources He has placed us within.  The drive to and from Boston can be (is) a bit of a beating but the fact that we’re in a place with such specified care for our family is a tremendous picture of God’s wisdom and kindness. 

We are still in a season of initial appointments with each of the specialists we need to see.  Each appointment requires a drive that often amounts to half of or even an entire day spent on the appointment.  They each produce a set of next steps or course of care to address that specific area of Gus’ health.  As a result, Dom and I are faced with trying to be patient in moving on one doctor’s recommendation because we haven’t seen the next doctor yet.  We’re beseeching the Lord continually for patience and wisdom about our next steps with Gus.  We don’t want to jump toward some procedure only to find that it should’ve been second or third in priority.  We’re also accruing doctor’s bills (thank you, payment plans!) fairly rapidly.  These have been a normal part of our life for a long time, as I know they have been for many of yours too.  

  Prayer Requests  

Wisdom and Stewardship

Please pray with us for wisdom and patience as we try to make good decisions, particularly for Gus, but certainly for Ru, and Virgil as well.  And for faithful stewardship of our resources for which we are so very, very thankful.    


Please pray for peace, joy, and fellowship in our home and among our core of believers (and their homes) here in New Bedford.  Especially as the days get shorter and colder and the impulse is to batten down the hatches.      


Please pray for our building.  We have a LOT to get finished and not a lot of time.  At this stage we need mostly skilled labor.  We’ve completed pretty much all of what could be done DIY style.  So we’re needing to find and coordinate with reliable professionals.  

We love you

We are so very thankful for you.  We pray for you by name in our family’s nightly prayers.  Thank you for your prayers, your encouraging words, your cheerful and generous support, and your love. 

Blessings to you in Christ the Lord, 


The Callender Family

Visit our NAMB missionary page for information and to manage your financial support:  NAMB

Ezekiel 34:11-12