Luke and dominee callender

Luke and Dominee Callender are missionaries in our very own U.S. of A.  They have felt the call to serve our fellow citizens in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Watch the video below for more information on their ministry.  You can also read more about them on the North American Mission Board website by clicking here

Also, read a letter from Luke to the church family below the video. 


Callender Family

update: february, 2019


  Hello Beloved Family  

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this Leap-Year February.  Up here we feel a little like we’ve braced for a winter that hasn’t shown up yet and doesn’t appear to be coming this time ‘round.  On the one hand we’re thankful for a mild introduction to the New England winter climate, on the other we feel a tad disappointed that we didn’t really get to endure and make it through to rejoice on the other side that we made it with all of our digits.  Perhaps I’m speaking too soon. We. Shall. See. 

Much has transpired in your lives and ours since our last communication.  I pray that in everything you’ve encountered, enjoyed, and endured over the past several weeks you’re aware that the Lord never leaves nor forsakes His people and that by His Spirit, He is with us!

In an attempt to keep this correspondence more concise, I want to share with you three major prayer points and ask you to bring them before the Lord with us.


Overlapping Timelines

We are sitting right in the middle of an overlapping time crunch.  We’re hurtling toward Spring like a runaway train. March 22nd is our Installation and Charter service where we’ll covenant together as a local church.  Resurrections Sunday, April 12th, is our first public Sunday morning worship gathering.  

We’re scrambling to finish our building renovations so that we are able to pass inspection and receive a certificate of occupancy before those dates.  We’re making steady progress on the building thanks to the Lord’s astonishing generosity through mission teams and volunteers over the past year. We still have 2-3 major projects that need to be finished.  The most pressing is our lift (elevator).  




At the same time we’re scrambling to pray, strategize, and prepare for the launch of the ‘official’ ministry of our church.  That’s not the most precise language, I know. We’ve been doing ministry the entire time we’ve been here. The Lord has been at work in everything, even the mess we’ve made on the corner of County and Kempton.  We’re getting shouts from the street now of, “It’s looking great!” “Can’t wait to see what you’ve done inside!” Each of our core group members could share with you a personal anecdote of a friend or acquaintance making an off-hand comment of wanting to come visit the church once we open!  These have been amazing encouragement to our little body of believers.  

All this to say, we have a lot before us that we’re trying to steward with wisdom, discipline, and faith in God’s perfect provision.  Please pray for us!


Household and Homeschool

I mentioned in our last letter that we’ve started homeschooling.  Watching Dominee prepare and teach the boys; watching the boys work hard, struggle, ask questions, and laugh; and seeing the Lord’s grace over all of it has been a singular delight for me.  They are working hard. I’m proud of them and grateful to God for them. What a sweet gift.

Each week has felt like a big stride forward but that big stride is made of up 4 steps forward, 3 backward, 2 to the left, 7 to the right etc.  It has been a big change, it's a lot to learn for us all, but God’s blessing to us in it is unmistakable.  

Please pray that we would learn these new patterns well and that we would use everything we have, our time, our boys’ education, the ‘freedom’ to determine our daily schedule, to know Him more. 

Moving forward in 2020

This year will be different even from our first (which will conclude in April).  [Blessedly] less building renovations and more church ministry/discipleship. Less focus on drywall, plumbing, and paint and more on relationships, evangelism, and engaging the community for the cause of Christ.  

We’ll have some fairly substantial medical considerations to address this year particularly with Gus.  

Please pray for unity, joy, and grace within our household; unity, joy, and grace among our beloved church family here; and wisdom and humility as we seek to follow the Lord’s direction in all that is before us. 

  Prayer Requests  

Overlapping Timelines

Household and Homeschool

Moving forward in 2020

We love you

We are so very grateful for you.  I will never grow tired of telling you.  If you grow tired of hearing it from me, I’m sorry.  Your faithfulness in partnering with us in prayer and through financial provision never diminishes in its humbling effect on me.  It is lovely to feel so well loved and supported by our siblings in Christ.  

The Lord is at work here.  Thank you for being such willing means through which He is accomplishing His plans. 

Rich blessings to you in Jesus Christ the Lord,


The Callender Family

Visit our NAMB missionary page for information and to manage your financial support:  NAMB

Ezekiel 34:11-12