How can you Help?

Hurricane Harvey is the first major hurricane to affect Texas since hurricane Ike back in 2008. The damage from this storm has been substantial and recovery efforts in south Texas will be ongoing for many years. If you would like help with recovery efforts from this storm the first step is to pray. Pray for all of those affected by the storm as well as for those who are working in relief efforts. Pray also for yourself that God would reveal to you how He wants you to respond. If you would like to give towards the relief efforts here at Georgetown you may, just be sure to mark your donation appropriately, and we will make sure it goes to the right place. Also Georgetown has volunteered to be a part of the "Adopt a Church" program as a part of SBTC Disaster Relief ministries. Through this program we have been paired up with East Gill Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont. Their church building was severely damaged from flooding, we have been partnered with them to help assist in restoring their place of worship. So that they can have a place to meet and minister to the community around them. The leadership here are currently working with the leadership at East Gill and plans to help are being made, more details on how to be involved will be made available soon. 

Be sure to check back here often! 


(Be sure to check back here often to stay up to date on the relief efforts for East Gill MBC)

East Gill Missionary Baptist Church is located at 410 E Gill St in Beaumont. The community that this church is in experienced extensive flooding over the course of many days. At one point the water line was up to the roof line of this church. Georgetown has committed to the long term goal of rebuilding and or repairing this church's building so that they may have a safe and effective place to worship and share the gospel in their community. Join us in prayer for the Pastor of East Gill, Jearon D. Chew, the members, and the families of East Gill, pray for God's wisdom as plans are made, and most if all pray that, through everything, the Gospel will be proclaimed to the people and community surrounding East Gill Missionary Baptist Church. If you would like to donate to help the people of East Gill, please do so either by making a note on your donation or bringing it directly to the church office. 


There is an opportunity for a quick trip to Beaumont. If you would like to make a trip leaving on Sunday, September 17 and returning Wednesday, September 20 contact Bro. Bobby as soon as possible. Bro. Bobby can be reached at (903) 816-4258. This will primarily be an exploratory trip to evaluate the needs, meet the pastor face-to- face and see the church building. It is difficult to get the scope of the project through pictures alone. We will be providing other opportunities in the near future to take teams to do actual clean up and construction.

If you want to drive down Sunday and stay longer than Bro. Booby is, you are welcome to do so. We have connected with First Baptist, Beaumont and they have offered a place to lodge and there is a feeding team on their parking lot that will provide supper each night. We will be on our own for breakfast and lunch. Please call Bro. Bobby or the church office at (903)786-2233 for more details or to sign up for this trip.